To start with, we are offering you 20% commission. If we discover you are dedicated, we will be willing to reward you more for your effort.

We care about your effort, so we offer a 45 days cookies duration.

We understand your concern of getting paid correctly for all sales you refer and also getting paid on time, to ease your concerns we use a third party trusted software called WP Affiliate Manager to manage tracking and payments. You can look up the software online and see the credibility of it for yourself so you can be reassured knowing you will be properly reimbursed when using our affiliate program.

There are NO requirements! You don’t even have to EVER post our products. You can post our products wherever you like, however you like, anyone that buys off your unique affiliate link you will be paid for!

All payments will be paid automatically through PayPal. You can link your PayPal account through your affiliate dashboard. If you have any problems then feel free to contact us on support@farygadgets.com

You can sign up to our affiliate program using this link: Click Here to Sign Up

You will be paid your accumulated earning on the first Saturday of every month if you earning up to our threshold of $20. If it is not up to that, it will be rollover to the next month