How to Register for Farygadget Affiliate Program

Before you earn commission from our affiliate program, the first thing you do is to join our affiliate. How do you then register for Farygadgets affiliate program? Follow these steps below:

Step 1

Click on this link opens a page similar to the one below, fill in all the required field and submit.

NB: If you are registering outside of USA, click on “Outside US” from the State drop-down menu

Step 2

Login into your email address for login details. If the message is not found in your inbox, check your spam folder. Click on the affiliate login link to change your password.

Step 3

After successfully login in with the default password, you will see Affiliate Dashboard where you can configure some settings, and see your stats.

Now you need to change your password to something you can easily remember and set your payment method (For now we allow PayPal method). To do that click on the Edit Profile and scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter your new password and put your PayPal email address. Click on Save Change

The Dashboard

The Affiliate dashboard is a place where any affiliate can make some changes to his/her account.

The Overview: This displays the Account summary, how much commission you have earned so far, the number of visitors who visited any of our pages through your link both this week and this month. It shows the statistics of how you are fairing with the program.

The Sale: This displays all your earning, showing the date the purchase is made, the status and description of the purchase. You can also query by selecting from which date to which date.

Payment History: This displays all your earning that have been paid. You can also query by selecting from which date to which date.

Creatives: This displays your affiliate link. It also has a section where you can generate a referral link for a particular product that you want to promote on your account. To create a affiliate product link, go to our website Here, pick the product you want to promote, copy the address and paste it in the referral URL Generator, then click on Generate referral URL button. You then copy and promote it in your account

Edit Profile: It allows you to change your contact information, your password and your payment details. (We only accept paypal now)

Logout: It allows you to log out from your dashboard