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Tired of Sweltering Heat Inside Your Car?

Now feel the breeze that lets in fresh air without exposing yourself to the outside!

This is the only thing that worked to shade my little one from the sun! As a bonus feature, my husband and I took our son to the park and had forgotten a blanket to shade him from the son. We took the shadesox off the window and wrapped it around the entire infant car seat. It acted as a sun block and bug shield. Worth every penny and we've only had them for a week!

Universal Car Sun And UV Shade

100% covering the front and rear side window then provides maximum shading protection for you and your family, as well as lowering the temperature in the car.

  • ESPECIALLY GREAT FOR KIDS: Smaller children ride in the back seat, and are the passengers most likely to be bothered by high temperatures and bright sunlight.
  • INCREDIBLY EASY TO INSTALL: The flexible, stretchy mesh just pulls down over the open car door. Fits almost every car to a maximum of 49. 6 inches by 22 inches.
  • YOU CAN STILL ROLL DOWN THE WINDOWS: The mesh is breathable, and because it’s on the exterior of the door frame, you can still roll down the windows and enjoy a nice breeze from outside while staying protected from the sun.
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John Doe

And This is How It works

Eliminates Sun Glare

Reduces Interior heat and prevents your skin from getting burned or overheated

Your  new car set interior material  also can be avoided aging and fade

Avoids the loss of maintenance cost

 Avoids glare, high temperatures and protects privacy better in the car

 Prevents your kids from getting burned or overheated


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Whether it fit your car?

A: Sure. The elastic material of the new version ensures that it can also cover the windows of almost all types of cars, including pickup trucks and SUVs. It is perfect! Be free to choose yours.
Q: When I am using it, can I roll the window down?
A: Of course. Don’t worry about it. It’s fixed to the window and the window can be rolled down inside.
Q: How about the visibility?
A: Although the color is black, it is breathable. According to the feedback from our customers. You can see the outside clearly and it doesn’t affect driving at all.
Q: Whether it will fall off easily such as when I am driving on the highway?
A: Of course not. The bottom of our sun shade curtain is elastic and will stay firmly on the windows.

Here is What Our Happy Customers Say

The window WuShade® took seconds to put on and it fits my hatchback door perfectly. I was worried however that it was going to cause an issue with opening my back door sens the door handle is up hire and not like traditional doors, but it streches perfectly for me to just grab the handle like normal and oppen it. My kid also like that he can still have his window down as well.

John Doe
It's perfect!
I moved from Boston to The Sunshine State FL where it goes from hot to inferno. My car doesnt have tints but these shades have been awesome. I bougt two for my backseat windows where my kids sit. They love the shades.

John Doe
My son love it!
LOVE this thing. I bought it for my back passenger door so that it would keep my daughters car seat from getting too hot and to keep her from getting sun burned in the car on long trips. We installed it yesterday as soon as we got, but hadn't tried it out til today. Let me tell actually works. My cars back seat actually feels cooler with this thing (even just one) on the windows! If you're in the market for a better shade than the flimsy screen covers that are marketed for babies. Skip those and buy this!

John Doe
Fantastic Product!
Such a great concept. So easy to put on and take off. Because of the shape it stretches a bit wonky on windows that slant. I have a Subaru Outback and the rear windows are typical so the fit is great, but the front windows have a deep slant. I am concerned that the ones I use on the front will wear out much faster than the rear ones as no stretch is applied to those.

John Doe
I love it!
Honda Accord. So far so good, easy install. I don't use the back left window when changing lanes like some other drivers on here so it doesn't bother me. I only put it up when the suns out (since i got it, only once). You can see through it but it's almost down to the outline of things behind it so it's pretty dark. My son seemed unaffected by the sun when the sun was on that side of the car.

John Doe
No more sunshine!
These window sun shades are awesome! These are so much better than the other sticky sunshades. I purchased these after my initial sticky sunshades kept falling off. These cover all parts of the window and will not slip off/fall off. And not only that, you can also roll down the windows with these sunshades getting in the way. I was able to notice that the temperature in the car dropped so the seatbelts weren't burning hot in the sun. A total plus - these shades create a black tint from the outside so I was able to nurse my baby in the car comfortably.

John Doe

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